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Late Night Woman's Hour

Podcast Late Night Woman's Hour
Podcast Late Night Woman's Hour

Late Night Woman's Hour


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  • Love Island
    As the latest series comes to an end, Yomi, Zing and Sofie consider what we've learned.
  • Fatshion
    Fatshion: no, it's not a typo. Sofie Hagen on designing her own clothing line, and why she reserves the right to call herself 'fat.'
  • Feminist? Seriously?!
    A difficult encounter with a woman who claimed to be a feminist has got Yomi Adegoke wondering about false advertising - and Sofie Hagen shares a pretty brave confession.
  • Not Wanting Children
    When Sofie Hagen tells people she's pretty sure she doesn't want children, they usually tell her she'll change her mind. Why is this still a difficult thing for people to accept?
  • Alone Time
    For Zing Tsjeng, accepting a lone ticket to a Spice Girls gig was a revelation, but it's business as usual for Sofie Hagen. Meanwhile, Yomi Adegoke yearns for her own space.

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Late Night Woman's Hour

Late Night Woman's Hour

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