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Weekend Break

Podcast Weekend Break
Podcast Weekend Break

Weekend Break


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  • Newshour Extra: Does Democracy Work For Africa?
    Bonus podcast episode: this week's Newhour Extra podcast. Given the troubles that Kenya and many other African countries have had with elections, Owen Bennett Jones and a panel of experts discuss whether democracy is working for Africa. The Weekend Break podcast feed has come to an end. (Photo of voter's marked finger in Kenyan election by Simon Maina/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Singing at Dawn and Running up Towers
    The Dawn Chorus: why do birds do it? Also the sport of Tower Running: Athlete Mark Bourne has just made it up 91 floors in just over 11 minutes. Presenter Julian Worricker with guests Erica Wagner and Colleen Graffy.
  • The Things Muslim Women Would Tell You
    The new book questioning stereotypes around Muslim women. And how a Chinese author discovered her grandmother's early life as a prostitute. Presenter Anu Anand discusses these topics with guests Jenny Kleeman, British author and documentary film-maker and Stefanie Bolzen, London and UK correspondent for Germany's Die Welt newspaper.
  • Why Lunch Is No Longer On A Worker's Menu
    Why lunch hours are mainly a thing of the past for office workers. And a new book which presents a history of squatting - the occupation of unused properties - in the West. Presenter Julian Worricker discusses these topics with guests, Catherine Mayer, journalist, author and co-founder of the Women's Equality Party in the UK and Victoria Rubadiri, Kenyan television reporter and presenter for the NTV channel.
  • Britain's Vanishing Words
    An ongoing study tracks the English-language words that are no longer being spoken in the UK. And a new documentary film about an Iraqi male nurse trapped by the fight against so-called Islamic State. Presenter Paul Henley discusses these topics with guests Dayo Forster, Gambian-born financial consultant and novelist based in the UK and Gareth McLean, British writer and journalist.

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