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Podcast The last podcast
Podcast The last podcast

The last podcast


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  • Episode 525: Gille de Rais Part I - Bluebeard
    It's time for a dark history lesson this week on Last Podcast on the Left as the boys begin the tale of one of the most twisted figures in French Medieval history, companion-in-arms of to Joan of Arc and notorious serial killer of children, Gille de Rais.
  • Side Stories: Fellas With Attitude
    Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news including  Gary Glitter going BACK to jail, 18 female guards fired for sexual misconduct with prisoners at cushy UK prison, 28 Colombian school children hospitalized for anxiety after playing with Ouija board, Illinois woman finds missing husband's body amongst Christmas decorations in hoarder house, Hero of the Week, spooky listener stories, and MORE!
  • Relaxed Fit: True Crime Roundup - Spring 2023
    On this week's Relaxed Fit episode the boys are gettin' loose and breaking down a series of strange tales and true crime stories including former NBA star Sean Kemp getting arrested for drive-by shooting, execution delayed for Texas inmate who killed family and gouged out both of his eyes, the widowed Goose who found love, "Random Acts of Kindness Day" puts friendly man in crosshairs of police, Sperm Whale News, the woman jailed after killing and eating her pet hamster named Mr Nibbles, and so much more!
  • Side Stories: My Spiritual Girlfriend
    Ben 'n' Henry bring you this week's weirdest stories and true crime news including a preview of the new "Jared from Subway" Documentary, the delivery man in Peru caught with a 600-800 year old mummy (his “spiritual girlfriend”) in a To-Go Bag, the sad story of Ohio Family Annihilator Teresa Cain, ALSO former Army private, Ethan Metzer, member of neo-Nazi terrorist group Order of the Nine Angles, sentenced to 45 years in prison after plotting to murder his paratrooper unit, Kansas Humane Society created an OnlyPaws and is selling animal foot pics (Toe Beans) for every $100 donated, the Vermont couple who kidnapped a woman and threatened to kill her after she had borrowed their truck and sold AR-15 for drug money, OJ Simpson weighs in on Alex Murdaugh, “Aber-Clam-Lincoln”, and MORE!
  • Episode 524: David Miscavige Part III - Top Gun
    This week the boys conclude the story of Scientology's tyrannical leader David Miscavige, leading up to modern day, focusing on David's relationship with a certain leading man in Hollywood as well as what may lie in the future for Scientology.

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