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The Kitchen Cafe

Podcast The Kitchen Cafe
Podcast The Kitchen Cafe

The Kitchen Cafe


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  • A taste of the Caribbean and root to fruit eating
    Most of us are familiar with the field to fork journey or even nose to tail cooking but this week on the Kitchen Café, Chef Tom Hunt joins Jenny MacPherson to talk about his root to fruit philosophy and we hear about easy ways in which we can all eat and cook more sustainably. Also, Jenny takes a trip to Ullapool on the west coast of Scotland to get a taste of the Caribbean and Simon Preston finds out why macaroni pies go so well with a traditional Caribbean dish called chicken brown down.
  • Pantry staples to hearty meals!
    How often do you come across tins of food right at the back of your cupboard that you just don’t quite know what to do with? Author of Tin Can Magic, Jessica Dennison tells us how we can transform humble tins of food into hearty delicious meals for any night of the week. Simon Preston visits one of Leith’s newest charcuteries, Chef Neil Forbes tells us how to make your own home made bacon and Ghillie Basan cooks us up a delicious chocolate fridge cake.
  • Healthy Hedonism, Brilliant Brunches & Decadent Decorating
    Fancy a bit of “healthy hedonism”?! Food writer Signe Johansen explains to Jenny Macpherson why cooking for one can be fun and describes how we can create simple solo meals without it feeling like a chore. Chef and big brunch fan Alfie Little shows us how to create a bistro-style brunch at home by making a simple frittata and a delicious espresso smoothie. Simon Preston finds out why passionate bakers Lesley Pert and Cecilia Young give up their time to make cakes for kids. And Jenny learns some tips and tricks from baker Kaitlyn Taylor on how to easily transform an ordinary cake into something quite spectacular!
  • Kids In The Kitchen!
    Does having your kids cooking in the kitchen from an early age always have to result in kitchen chaos? Jenny MacPherson talks to food blogger Foodie Quine and cookery teacher Sumayya Usmani about different ways we can encourage children to become more involved in family cooking. Chef Steven Devlin cooks up a delicious spaghetti carbonara - the first dish he learned to cook as a 13 year old - and he talks about how his love of food took him from a 13 year old kitchen porter to later becoming a restaurateur. Scotland’s National chef and 'Master Chef: The Professionals' Winner Gary Maclean joins Jenny to talk about his new BBC Scotland series, Corner Shop Cook Off.
  • 5-Mile Food Challenge & Sustainable Wines
    Chef Kirsten Gilmour has set herself a bit of a “5-mile challenge”, buying as much produce as possible from her local high street. She loves to support local businesses and cut down on the food miles but just how do-able is it? What little steps can we all take to shop more sustainably? And is it a case of being more organised and getting more creative with what IS available round the corner? Continuing our occasional series on how to make the most of your food on a city break, ex-pat Ruth Barry shares her foodie favourites in Berlin. Organic? Biodynamic? Vegan? Sustainable? Fancy going a bit more “green” with your wine purchases but finding the terminology a bit perplexing? Simon Preston rummages through the shelves of his local wine shop to see what’s available while wine expert Nikki Welch helps us unpick what the labels mean and just what we’re getting in terms of taste, cost and environmental impact.

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