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The Health Code

Podcast The Health Code
Podcast The Health Code

The Health Code


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  • 2020 Sucks but it's still YOUR year! Don't give up on those goals you set
    Although 2020 hasn't been the year we envisioned and we've all experienced some pretty down moments, I'm here to lift your spirits and give you the motivational pep talk you need. Consider this your 2020 regenerative boost from your best friend Kurt! Create accountability and share your goal using the hashtag #2020SNOTDEAD. Let's bring some positivity back into this year!
  • Body Image, Diet, Training Routine & Confidence: Answering your Q’s
    Who doesn’t love a juicy, personal and real Q&A!? In this weeks poddy we answer YOUR questions surrounding body image, diet, healthy eating, training routines, motivation and MORE! We open up about our struggles with the obsession to look shredded and the toll it took on our body and mind. We hope our personal experiences can help you find a sense of balance, fulfilment in your healthy and active lifestyle!
  • TRUE STORY: Transforming your own HEALTH & GUT! Let's talk biohacking w/ Caleb Co-Founder of Tropeaka
    If you love health, wholesome food, natural remedies, functional medicine and honest chats about the journey to wellness and health, then this is the episode for you! Tonight we sat down with our good friend Caleb, the Co-founder of Tropeaka, the much loved Australian superfood and protein power brand. Caleb truly opened up to us as he reflected on his experience with terrible gut health, chronic fatigue and how he transformed his life and habits to be the energetic man he is today. We also chat about our new favourite term 'BIOHACKING' to find out the pretty cool meaning and tips behind this word then keep listening!
  • Are you being supportive or...annoying? POWER COUPLE CHATS with John Prutti & Caroline Buchanan
    Whether you're a professional athlete like todays guests or studying your nursing degree at uni, we often need to ask ourselves..."are we being a supportive partner?". To become the ultimate power couple, we must not only GIVE love and support, but receive it in return. Today we sit down with professional motor cross madman John Prutti and 8 x world champion and 2 x Olympian Caroline Buchanan to get to the bottom of HOW can two absolute weapons achieve their goals together... Instagram: The Health Code - Sarah - Kurt - John Prutti - Caroline Buchanana -
  • BEST TIPS to Becoming SUCCESSFUL + Sarahs Shopping Confession $$
    Welcome back to this weeks episode of the Health Code Podcast! We receive so many questions surrounding success, business, money, careers and becoming your own boss, so we thought it was only fitting to go through our TOP TIPS to becoming successful. Also... Sarah's homeware shopping addiction is out of control! Instagram: The Health Code - Sarah - Kurt -

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