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The Dennis Miller Option

Podcast The Dennis Miller Option
Podcast The Dennis Miller Option

The Dennis Miller Option


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  • S2 E189: Out of Options : Our Final Episode (with Dana Carvey)
    For the final episode of The Dennis Miller Option, Dennis welcomes his friend Dana Carvey, who talks about starting his podcast, his Joe Biden impression, Hugh Grant in "The Undoing", "The Queen's Gambit", David Spade, Cameo, Virtue signaling and sad signaling, Gavin Newson, Dr. Fauci and Obama impressions, parenting and more! Then, he chats with Christian and Lindsey, who describes watching Dennis's film "Bordello of Blood" with her boyfriend's parents. They also listen to voicemails from friends of the show, Larry O'Connor, Kurt Schlichter, "Gene Simmons", Corby from Branson and Sam Whitfield. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Magic Spoon Blinkist Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • S2 E188: BillBerg : Comedians Bill Burr and Aaron Berg
    Dennis talks to comedian Bill Burr about his most recent Netflix special, recently hosting SNL, how people used to never talk politics and now we live in a time where unfunny people try to determine what comedians say, that cancel culture has made him a better comic, and figuring out the business by getting screwed in the business. Bill talks about working with Pete Davidson on Judd Apatow's "King of Staten Island", which reminds Dennis of the time he met Judd early in his career. Bill also talks about performing during the pandemic (including a show on a patch of grass behind a hotel), plus Bert Kreischer, Richard Beler and more! Then, comedian Aaron Berg wishes Dennis well in his retirement, talks about his show "In Hot Water" on Anthony Cumia's Compound Media, his new podcast "Badass Jews" and performing comedy outdoors with Dave Attell. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Plexaderm Skylight Frame (Code: Miller) The Good Game Company Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • S2 E187: A couple of Brians: Brian Wheat and Brian Raftery
    Dennis talks to musician Brian Wheat of the band Tesla about the band's latest album "Five Man London Jam", which was recorded at Abbey Road studios, his new book "Son Of A Milkman", Paul McCartney, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Alice Cooper and how one of Tesla's best-known songs is their cover of Five Man Electrical Band's "Signs". Then, he's joined by Brian Raftery, who discusses his book "Best. Movie. Year. Ever.: How 1999 Blew Up the Big Screen", and some of the biggest movies from that year, including "The Blair Witch Project", "Fight Club", "The Matrix", "Election", "The Sixth Sense", "American Beauty" and "Three Kings". They also discuss the film "Catfish", Netflix's new "Mank", and a previous book he wrote about karaoke. Dennis also chats with Christian and Lindsey about a book he's reading about Jimmy Webb and Glenn Campbell, Alyssa Milano, and why this moment is the perfect time to shrug. Plexaderm Hydrant (Code: Dennis) Omax Health (Code: Miller) SimpliSafe Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • S2 E186: Peter Noone Talks About the Performing Live Again, When Show Business Will Return to Our Lives And More!
    Dennis is joined by musician Peter Noone, who discusses a lifetime of keeping a lot of opinions to himself, his daughter Natalie Noone's SiriusXM show, performing in Florida, how he's doing shows where they manage the evolving restrictions on audience capacity and how show business will need to be eased back into our lives post-COVID. He also discusses Charlie Watts, running into Mick Jagger at a party, his first paycheck, his run in "Pirates of Penzance", Lord Such and much more. Dennis also talks to Christian and Lindsey about a new podcast idea, The Queen's Gambit on Netflix and listens to a delightful voicemail from our friend Lynne B. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Blinkist Plexaderm The Good Game Company Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • S2 E185: Bill Madden Discusses Tom Seaver's Terrific Life
    Dennis talks to New York Daily News sports writer Bill Madden about his new book "Tom Seaver : A Terrific Life". They discuss Seaver's decision to pitch for USC, being a part of the Mets 1969 Championship team, the trade to Cincinnati, returning to the Mets, and pitching for the White Sox. They also discuss how is one of only two pitchers in baseball history with more than 300 wins, 3,000 strike-outs and an ERA under 3.00. They also talk about Seaver's vineyard, his diagnosis with lyme disease and subsequent deterioration of his health. Then, Dennis chats with Christian and Lindsey about the Tyson fight over the weekend, "The Undoing", "Queen's Gambit", and listen to some voicemails from listeners. They also announce that our final episode will post Tuesday, December 15th. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors: Magic Spoon Plexaderm Skylight Frame (Code: Miller) Omax Health (Code: Miller) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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