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  • Week 14: Thanks For The Memories
    On this -- the final episode of Indivisible -- we're focusing on what we've learned over 100 days of talking with Americans in this time of change. After nearly 100 dizzying news cycles, dozens of expert guests, hundreds of insightful calls from listeners around the country, we've only just started the conversation. From our perspective on the show, the best moments were not about politics. They were about hearing how people's life experience and the connection to the places we live. We heard honest -- sometimes surprising -- connections between work, faith, family, and politics. All of it gave us an appreciation for the parts of the American identity shared across politics... as well as the real differences that have left us so polarized. On this episode of Indivisible, we'll hear some of the most memorable moments from the show, and ask what you have learned about American identity -- from us and from others -- in this first 100 days of the Trump administration. And we do it with a guest who helped us kick off the show in week 1: Jose Santos, an anthropologist at Metro State University in St. Paul, Minn. Here are some Tweets from this episode:  Indivisible Week 14: Thanks For The Memories
  • Week 14: Looking Back on Trump’s First 14 Weeks
    For his last night on Indivisible, conservative host Charlie Sykes gets a visit from some of his earliest guests to look back on what’s happened since they last spoke. Stephen Hayes, Editor in Chief of The Weekly Standard, joined us on week 2, soon after the travel ban was instated, when we asked listeners on both sides of the aisle whether or not they felt like they were losing their country.  Also, Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for The Washington Post and week 4 guest, will join to speak about her paper’s role in exposing the Michael Flynn story that led to his resignation, as well as the challenges of covering the Trump administration as a member of the media. They’ll be joined by first-time Indivisible guest, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold, who won a 2017 Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of Donald Trump’s charitable practices. Here are some Tweets from this episode: Indivisible Week 14: Looking Back on Trump’s First 14 Weeks
  • Week 14: How Has Trump Challenged Our Democratic Norms?
    On our first week of Indivisible, CNN host Fareed Zakaria helped establish a set of democratic norms against which the Trump Administration’s actions could be measured. "Many of the things that make democracy what it is are not written in stone,” he told Brian Lehrer, explaining that what worried him most about a Trump presidency was a breach of what he called “informal norms.” Mocking the press, for example, “is not unconstitutional, but it violates a norm. It’s an attempt to intimidate,” Zakaria said. On this episode of Indivisible, Zakaria returns to answer and evaluate whether other norms, informal or not, have in fact shifted during Donald Trump’s first days in office. Plus Indivisible and StoryCorps have been asking you keep the conversation going by volunteering to talk to someone in your own life with whom you disagree with politically. Dave Isay, the founder of StoryCorps, is joined by a husband and wife whose opposing political opinions are causing marital stress. One is a political scientist and the other a rocket scientist. Can you guess who voted for Trump? Want to take part in our social experiment with StoryCorps? Here's how: email [email protected] with the subject line "Indivisible Interview." Tell us who you want to talk to, why, and what you want to ask them. Here are some Tweets from this episode: Indivisible Week 14: How Has Trump Challenged Our Democratic Norms?
  • Week 14: Join The Conversation
    Listeners are the guests on this episode of Indivisible. The whole hour will be open for callers to tell the hosts, Kai Wright, Anne McElvoy, and John Prideaux, how they’re feeling almost 100 days into Trump’s presidency. Whatever you may have thought on Inauguration Day -- have you changed your mind about President Trump in these past 14 weeks? Military families, do you feel you’re in good hands with this commander in chief? Democrats, Republicans and anyone else, let us know what issues you wish would be prioritized that so far have not been. Has @POTUS met your expectations so far in office? Call us and answer our poll below. 844-745-TALK #IndivisibleRadio — WNYC 🎙 (@WNYC) April 25, 2017 Here are some Tweets from this show: Indivisible Week 14: Join The Conversation
  • Week 13: How Do We Get America Back To Work?
    When GM idled its plant in Janesville, Wisconsin in 2008, the town became emblematic of a crisis facing many communities in middle America. When traditional manufacturing leaves – for whatever reason – economies are turned upside down, the collective identity changes, and very often depression sets in. While it may seem outdated to some that a community will identify with a corporation, that’s just what happened for decades. Losing the plant left many in Janesville searching for a future. This week, President Trump signed an executive order to bring jobs back to towns like Janesville, but the question is -- is it too little too late? On this episode of Indivisible, host Kerri Miller talks with Amy Goldstein, author of “Janesville, An American Story,” and Linda Tirado, author of “Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America,” about the realities of the company town and what the future holds. Here's the @AliaHanna story from Buzzfeed that @KerriMPR just mentioned on #indivisibleradio: — Jeff Jones (@JeffMPR) April 21, 2017 Here are some Tweets from this episode: Indivisible Week 13: How Do We Get America Back To Work?

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