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Podcast FM4 Reality Check
Podcast FM4 Reality Check

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  • In Depth: Klimanews Weekly on Vjosa - Europe's first Wild River National Park
    It’s World Water Day today. an opportunity to talk about rivers, which are generally in a poor state of health in Europe. But Last week Europe’s first wild river national park was announced in Albania. The Vjosa River will remain free for its entire length of 270kms. Ulrich Eichelmann, founder of Riverwatch, tells Chris Cummins about this important and magnficent river. Sendungshinweiss 22.03.23 OKfm4 17.40
  • In Depth: Nina Krushcheva on the war in Ukraine and Russian society
    Nina Krushcheva is a political scientist at New York’s New School university and also the great-grand daughter of former Soviet leader Nikita Kruschchev. she has her head in the Russian and western ways of thinking and she has spent 6 months of the past year in Moscow. She tells Chris Cummins how the war in Ukraine is impacting Russian society. Sendungshinweis 15.03.23 OK Fm4 17.40
  • In Depth: Daniel Uy on his work as an MSF medic in Ukraine
    Austrian doctor Daniel Uy has spent the past three months in Ukraine running two mobile clinics for Doctors Without Borders in a area recaptured only by the Ukrainians. He was helping people cut off for months from medical help, but working conditions were very difficult. He told Chris Cummins about it: Sendungshinweis 09.02.23 16.20
  • In depth: a Klimanews Weekly on the chances of recovery for the Amazon
    With the end of the Bolsonaro era in Brazil, and the beginning of a new presidency of Lula da Silva hope have been high that the speed of destruction in the Amazon can be slowed and then reversed. Austrian filmmaker Richard Ladkani is in Brazil accompanying some indigenous leaders in this era of new hope. Klimanews Weekly with Chris Cummins Sendungshinweis 24.02.23

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